28 December, 2012 | justanidiot's Blog

Finally! The family visiting days are over!! I finally had the time and energy to clean the house again. That alone made me feel better, a clean home. My cats are finally able to relax too. They were quite nervous cause the fireworks sale is starting today. There will always be people who can not wait till the 31st of December, and I'm afraid that someone will think that he/she is funny and trow something at my cats. Since I can stay home now, they know that I'm here to protect them. Upon returning home yesterday I found out that Raikou and Kyu-to had peed outside the litter box. They only do this when they are afraid. I feel like a bad kitty owner.

At this moment they are sitting on the couch, watching the outside world, occasionally mewing when a bird is in one of our trees. I'm not letting the cats out until the 2nd of January.

Lol, this blog entry is a cat-related rant instead of a I hate my life rant..

(I still do, don't worry)


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